Monday, September 3, 2012

To a Prompt*

In the dim, dusty attic of life, I find…

Moments of sparkling clarity.

The fallen nestling, rescued in a dish of cotton, feeding it walnut paste, “teaching” it to fly.

My favorite perch by the cottage at the lake, the waning sun scattering diamonds on the ripples.

One precious evening, writing each others’ names in the snow, entwining our futures.

Snug and proud under a steamy warm blanket, my newborn, my first, taking first breaths in the next room.

Mining treasured moments, I hold them up to shine again, just for me, savor their sweetness.

*Five women undertook to “workshop” each others’ writing at an inaugural writers group meeting. We wrote for 20 minutes, then read our scribblings to each other to receive supportive feedback. My first experience with workshopping. Interesting. And it prompted my next blog…

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