Monday, October 15, 2012

Wedding Day 1967

Wed in a stone chapel at Oberlin College, we were Children of the Sixties.
We wrote our own service, with verses from Khalil Gibran and John Donne.
I made my own dress of satin and lace, using a borrowed treadle sewing machine. Cousin Mary Beth crafted a head piece of satin roses.
We found a Unitarian minister to marry us. God was not invited.
It was 85 degrees that day, rare for a March 25th in Ohio.
We processed to an electric guitar tune composed by our friend John.
My bridal bouquet: a single white carnation.
I forgot my lines during the ceremony. My maid of honor Beth helped me out.
We recessed to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy played on the banjo by our friend Joel.
The reception was held in David’s (our) rented house next to the Student Union.
There were posters of Timothy Leary and Sigmund Freud on the walls, and paisley curtains.
My mom made macaroni salad. We had spicecake from the bakery on the square.
We toasted with André pink champagne.
David’s father was the photographer. We were all cut off at the knees.
My first college boyfriend was there. They tell me he got sloppy drunk.
My brother Brian gifted us with homemade banana wine, still percolating.
My mother gave me a pink peignoir set for our wedding night.
We kicked people out at 4:00 a.m., all except Joel who slept over on the couch.
Next morning we breakfasted at the truck stop on Route 10.
It was a great start to our 45 years together.

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  1. These weddings, so unpretentious are the best beginnings for enduring over the years. Mark & I celebrate our 27th anniversary this yr as well as 29 yrs together. Familiarity hasn't bred contempt or boredom so we figure we are doing well!